Asia to Australia

In the end we catch a taxi to Chek Lap Kok airport and arrive at terminal one with a couple of hours to spare. We haven’t eaten so make our way to an Italian restaurant. I have anti pasto and the kids and Simon have pasta. Not very Asian for our last meal in Asia but hey!

The flight to Singapore goes swimmingly, we are lucky enough to be on a brand new airbus with the most up to date on board computer thing. There is power to recharge the PSP’s, word processing and USB connections. Plus over 100 films on demand and loads of other gadgety stuff. Added to this is the bonus that the plane is half empty and we have lots of room to spread out. Yeh!

We hardly have time to get from one plane to the next at Singapore (half an hour) before we set off again this time bound for Sydney Australia. This plane unfortunately isn’t as good and full. The fella sat behind me isn’t too impressed when I put my seat back but as I am being squashed by the fat chunker in front of me who has pushed his seat right back I don’t have much choice. In the end after putting up with him punching the back of my seat, continually touching my hair and then apologising loudly and generally being an arse, I take a sleeping tablet.

I lie there listening to my MP3 player, drifting in and out of sleep and reliving our time spent in Asia. I do cry a bit, I feel really empty and heartbroken that we are leaving and if I had the choice would definitely head back to Bangkok and then onto Cambodia and maybe Laos. Despite the fact that almost everyone I know who has visited Australia seems to love it I’m not too sure how I feel about going there. I know Simon and the kids feel differently and I’m determined to make the most of our time anyway.

I wake up half an hour before we are due to land, fairly refreshed and having slept for about 5 hours. I feel a grim sense of satisfaction when I hear the knobhead behind me complaining of having had no sleep at all and I make a point of exclaiming loudly how well I slept in the hope of pissing him off. We buy a speaker for my MP3 player with the vouchers that we were given by Singapore Airline way back at the start of our trip.

We get our gear and catch a shuttle bus to the Virgin Blue part of the airport where we check in once again, this time for Cairns. We are all completely knackered by now and the kids crash out until 9.30am. By 1030 we are once again in the sky and the flight attendants are kind giving the kids something to lean on as they struggle to get comfortable. Finally we land around 1.30pm, another long journey over and I’m so glad.

We get in a taxi and head for Cairns City Backpackers Hostel. I’m a little upset when we arrive to find a notice on the door saying they are closed and will be back in about 2 and a half hours. I’m too exhausted to make a fuss though and sit there like a weary turtle with my rucksack still attached too tired to even take it off. Simon goes off up the road and phones the fella who arrives apologising about 20 minutes later. He shows us to our room, not so good we had wanted 2 separate rooms and have ended up with a 4 bedded dorm. He also informs us that although the hostel price includes dinner at a restaurant in town. (One of the reasons we booked it) the kids won’t be able to get theirs as the place is licensed and they won’t be allowed in – great. He does give us 4 dollars off the room and a couple of internet vouchers but we’re still a bit fed up.

By now it’s raining heavily but we have to go out to get some food. We trudge off to the local shopping mall but as its mostly closed end up eating at a restaurant. The food is good we have pie and chips and wolf it down. Wander back to the hostel and crash out on the bed, it’s only around 8pm but we’re all asleep by about 5 past.