I woke up first as usual around 8.30 this morning. We spend the morning completely unpacking our rucksacks and compiling a massive pile of stuff including CD’s, clothes, entrance tickets and souvenirs to send home. Our packs have been so stuffed over the past few weeks I was worried some of the zips might break but luckily they have held up well and are all intact.

We have some fruit for breakfast that we bought from the 7-11 next door in an effort to try and save some cash and then head off out to the mall. Simon buys a few new clothes and we get the kids some new sunglasses. We also take Ali’s guitar to a nearby music shop. He has been gutted over the last week as the strings have started to buzz and despite changing them it hasn’t improved. The fellas in the shop are cool and explain that the change in temperature from Beijing to Lijiang to Hong Kong have caused the neck and frets to move slightly. Anyway a bit of fiddling around and tapping at the frets and it sounds great to Ali’s delight.

We go out in the evening to a Japanese restaurant and have a fabulous meal. We weren’t too sure of the portion sizes and when it arrived I thought we had over ordered but we ate most of it and agreed cooking our own food at the table was good fun and well worth the money.

Its 1130 now and i’m in bed – last night at The Holiday Inn and I do feel a bit sad. At last our Asia adventure is over and we are flying to Singapore tomorrow at 4pm and then onto Sidney. We will arrive in Australia around 6 in the morning and have booked a further flight straight onto Cairns. We had originally planned to work our way up through Queensland to The Great Barrier Reef and then back down again for our flight to New Zealand at the start of July but when we investigated into trains/buses this morning found it would be cheaper to fly.

Going to sleep now last night in a comfy bed for a while I guess.