Wenshu Temple

Slept in until 9am. Maisie I shared a room and Ali and Simon the other room. Our rooms are on separate floors and although we have done this lots of times there are loads of people in this hostel, some whom look a bit dodgy and as the security of the rooms is really crap I feel more comfortable being in with the kids. Had some breakfast and then spent a bit of time chatting to the 3 English girls we met here yesterday. They’re really great, only 18 and have been volunteering teaching English in South East Asia. I admire their enthusiasm and confidence about it all and hope that Ali and Maisie choose to do something like that also in a few years.

We went for lunch at Wenshu temple just around the corner. This Tang dynasty monastery is Chengdu’s largest and best preserved Buddhist temple and despite having visited many temples in South East Asia we were impressed. Very ornate and with elaborate carvings, it is a beautiful and serene place away from the bustle of the surrounding streets. Best of all though was the food. Described as a vegetarian restaurant, we were surprised to see sliced ear on the menu but hey. When in China etc. I have been struggling with the greasy Chinese dishes, lack of vegetables and sweetened drinks but our simple meal of rice, sweetcorn, celery, broccoli and water lilies was excellent.

Back at the hostel, we are leaving in an hour to catch the train at 6pm. I feeling quite nervous about this journey but I guess it will be ok. (Hoping) I will let you know