Phan Thiet

Ali is better today and came in to see us first thing singing Reach for the Stars by S-Club 7 and dancing around the room. Hmmm! We have our breakfast and quickly shower and decide we will get ourselves ready and visit the nearby town of Phan Thiet. We call a taxi and all pile in. Phan Thiet is a busy fishing and market town and the cabbie drops us in the town square from where we can walk around easily.

First we head into the market and almost immediately are surrounded by women showing off their goods. Some of the silks look gorgeous but to show even the slightest interest results in an excitable crowd gathering around and high pressure selling techniques!
In the end we settle for drinks and some fried coconut and honey biscuits. We walk through the food areas and gaze around. The fish area is disgusting, huge piles of fish lie in baskets and on the floor and the smell is fairly grim.

We hurry through and make our way past the fruit and vegetables. Lots of ladies touch Maisie’s face, legs and bottom and chatter to themselves. Mum and Paul comment on how friendly the Vietnamese people are and we definitely agree with this observation. Everywhere we look people smile, wave and call out to us and very generously agree to have their photographs taken.

We leave the market, have a quick drink in a rooftop restaurant of a local hotel and then set off for a walk along the river to photograph the boats. Simon gets a few shots and it makes an interesting walk. On the way back we look in a tank at some giant snails. I’m sure these will end up on someone’s dinner plate. Urgh! We have seen some interesting food choices on the menus here including steamed claw and tail, baked pig stomach, roasted frog and fried crispy sand lizard.

We set off in a taxi back to Mui Ne and stop at The Victoria Hotel. We have a lovely lunch and a few glasses of wine sat high on a wooden veranda overlooking the sea. It is a perfect, breezy spot and Mum and I agree the kind of idyllic “honeymoon” destination place.

When we get back to Little Mui Ne Cottages Maisie, mum and I have a swim. We sit gossiping and reliving some of the best parts of this holiday. We agree it has been lovely and we’ve had a fantastic time.