BBQ by the pool

I woke up early this morning and lay shivering in the aircon room. At 8 o’clock I decided to get us some coffee and wandered along to the restaurant. Despite it being early the sun burns into me and we spend most of the morning researching hostels in China on the net and staying in the shade. We do some science with the kids and it goes well. We have a revision session at the end of each section of work and they both seem to be able to answer all the questions fully.

I lie reading my book in the afternoon by the pool. It’s excellent, set in 1960′s Nigeria and called Half of a Yellow Sun. Like lots of books I like reading I was attracted to this one once I found it was set in Africa. Although I have visited a few African countries I would like to go there for a longer time and have added Africa to my mental list of places to go in the future. Simon and I were saying to Mum and Paul that although we have travelled to some great places and would like to revisit some of them, this trip has made us both want to explore new places that we hadn’t previously considered.

In the evening we have booked to eat dinner here at Little Mui Ne Cottages Resort. The pool setting is ideal for a night time BBQ as it looks really magical in the dark. Fairy lights are hung in the trees and Chinese red lanterns swing gently in the light breeze. We can smell Jasmine and the scent of other flowers. The wine is displayed in an upturned round fishing boat, lined with huge banana plant leaves and there is a choice of salads, beef kebabs, fish steak and tiger prawns. We have fresh fruit and one of my favourite puddings crème caramel. Love it!

After dinner Paul crashes out and me, Simon, mum and the kids make our way to the beach. We sit gazing up at the stars and I show Maisie Orions Belt the only star constellation I can recognise. The tide is far out and its lovely sat on the warm sand listening to the waves and looking for crabs. We have a beer and head off for bed. Today has been perfect, tranquil and relaxing.