Burning on the beach

The past few days have been spent alternately lying by the pool, lazing on the beach, eating or drinking. I am beginning to feel completely apathetic and I guess really need a rocket up my arse to get motivated to do anything.

Yesterday wasn’t too pleasant as Simon, Ali and I fell out over schoolwork. Trying to teach maths is really hard for me and I wondered afterwards if my total lack of enthusiasm for it contributed to Alisters uncooperative attitude. (Must try harder). Anyway after a few words we did eventually all make friends and got on with the day.

Due to the boiling heat we have spent a lot of time on the beach where it is cooler. The sea isn’t very clean though and when I went for a swim I noticed a few brown jellyfish as well as a lot of sticks and seaweed. As Mui Ne is marketed as one of Vietnams most beautiful stretches of coastline we all agreed that it would benefit from some beach cleaning if Vietnam becomes really popular with tourists over the next few years.

I have spent a few hours researching our next destination which is China. At the moment we have no idea where we want to go other than walking on The Great Wall and to Xian to see The Terracotta Army. I am starting to realise that China is absolutely vast and wonder if we have made the right decision to only spend a month there.

Last night we walked to a small restaurant for dinner. Despite us being the only customers the food took ages to come! However it was tasty and we had a bit of excitement when the power went leaving us completely in the dark. The lovely friendly staff brought us a lamp that unfortunately attracted every bug in the vicinity.

Got back from dinner and the kids decided to go for a swim in the dark. Paul jumped in with them in his pants and they had a great time splashing around. I picked up a magazine from reception and lay reading the Australian equivalent of Take a Break. What a load of crap! Won’t be buying that when we get to Oz.