Little Mui Ne Cottages

How lazy are we, didn’t wake up until 9.30 and had to race to breakfast before it finished. We were planning on spending the day at the beach but in the end never made it. We have no excuse it is so close to our room we can hear the waves crashing on the shoreline but the pool looked so inviting we didn’t get any further than the sunbeds.

The Little Mui Ne Cottages Resort is really lovely. Off the main road you enter a long drive and eventually reach some steps. At the bottom of the steps are two large pots filled with water and flower blossoms are floated on the surface. Up the steps is the reception area which consists of a bar, restaurant and small library. There is a snooker table and dart board and games including back gammon, chess and connect four. From this area is another fight of steps down leading to the pool and the bungalows. The pool is so clean, absolutely sparkling and it’s great as there are very few other guests staying here.

The grounds are immaculate and beautifully landscaped with coconut palms, scores of different brightly coloured flowers and bushes. It is for us completely different to anything we have experienced so far whilst on our trip. We did compare it to Ko Lanta but it is a much more luxurious experience than we had there. I think this will be our last beach place for a while and therefore am glad for the opportunity to laze around.

Although I have always needed hours of sleep and feel knackered all day if I don’t get at least 9 hours a night I feel a bit embarrassed now Mum and Paul are here. They must think we are very idle! But then again they know what I am like and as Simon keeps pointing out to me travelling is tiring!

Simon has looked on the internet and discovered cashews are inedible until cooked and that he has on his face a kind of acid burn that may blister. I’m not too sympathetic as he picked it up from the floor but do rest the temptation to labour that point too much! (With difficulty!) We checked our emails today and heard from The Spiers family in Canada who are following our trip. Soon it will be their turn and we will be following them! Also caught up with news from some of our friends.

The area of Mui Ne is very quiet and apart from 3 small restaurants there is very little to do here. There is a fishing village just up the road and Simon gets some good photographs of their small round boats.

In the evening we walk up the road for ages before we find somewhere to eat. We pass a restaurant on the way advertising baked goats udders but none of us fancied those tonight and we keep walking. Dinner costs about a tenner for all six of us and we walk back in the dark. Stuffed and happy!