The pool

We have had a lovely peaceful day today and done very little. Simon woke me up too early and the bed was so cosy I felt like I could have slept for hours longer. By 7.45 though, I was wide awake and ready for breakfast. We leave Ali and Maisie in bed and meet Mum and Paul in the restaurant. The breakfast is very good with lots of choice which is great as we are here for 10 days. I have spread cheese on toast and coffee- Yum!

We spend the day very quietly by the pool. The kids have a lovely time playing in the pool and throw themselves into enjoying the day once the obligatory hour of maths is out of the way! As usual Simon and Ali have to go through a massive discussion over it but Maisie and I crack on learning shapes and angles and she does really well.

Simon and Ali go for a bike ride later on once it starts to cool down. It is extremely hot even in the evening and when we choose to walk up the road for dinner we wonder if we have made a mistake when we stroll along for half an hour before finding anywhere to eat. Eventually we stop and the food we get is fantastic. We share a wide range of Vietnamese dishes including salt fish in banana leaf, beef and coconut curry and chicken with basil and cashews.

On the way back Simon picks up a cashew nut from the floor and tries to crack it open with his teeth. Almost immediately he is complaining that he has a burnt mouth and when we get back he’s got a burnt area on the side of his face. I give him some Piriton and he decides he will look it up on the internet tomorrow.

Mum and Paul and the kids play cards for half an hour and then Ali plays his guitar for a bit. Mum says how much she has missed hearing him play and he chooses some songs he has learnt since we have been away including Coldplay- The Scientist. Although I’m not really a fan of Coldplay (their songs are too sad for me) I love this song- it reminds me of home. He also plays Bob Marley (he learnt from this “G” in Langkawi) and some of his own songs he has written since we have been away.

Its 11pm now and we’re off to bed. Goodnight.