Mui Ne

Get up at 8.30 and after breakfast repack ready for our journey to Mui Ne. We have booked a big mini van for the 4 hour journey as Mum and Paul have a rather large suitcase with them!

We stop once on the way for a drink but as usual the time flies and we all chat on the way. The landscape is quite pretty in parts. Not as flat as Cambodia and there are lots of stony looking hills in the distance. We pass through lots of small towns on the way many of which seem to have a particular industry for example wooden furniture and aloe vera plantations etc

We enjoy pointing things out to Mum and Paul and it’s good to see things through fresh eyes. Although we haven’t been in Vietnam long there are many sights here that are common all over Asia and I think we don’t notice them any more. Particularly the bad driving skills of many people which we seem to think is normal now and don’t bat an eyelid at!

Eventually we arrive in Mui Ne and we’re thrilled and relieved when we arrive at our resort to find it’s really nice with gorgeous rooms, a lovely pool and beautiful gardens. We are also right on the beach which is clean and pretty with white sands and tall palm trees. In the evening we go across the road for dinner and despite having a great meal and a few beers are all really tired and head off to bed early.