Mum and Paul arrive

We transferred to the The Kindo Hotel as soon as was possible today. It was like stepping into heaven and I know we acted like the Clampits. Walking around the room fiddling with the complimentary slippers and bathrobes, marvelling over the expensive toiletries in stone pots and flicking through the numerous TV channels. We all showered and pampered and finally, thrilled with our new and posh surroundings ordered room service.

The entire day was spent lazing around counting down the hours until Mum and Paul arrive. At last its 6.30 and time to go, we get in a taxi and head for the airport. The kids have made signs to hold up saying “Nana and Granddad” and “Welcome to Vietnam”.

Two hours later and finally we see them waving through the barrier, at last they are here and its tears all round! It’s wonderful to see them, until this point I don’t think I had realised how much I have missed my family and we gabble at each other in the taxi on the way to the hotel.

They have brought the kids loads of presents and Maisie poses in her new clothes looking like a real star. We have a few beers sat on their bed and Ali orders some food from room service. Its so good to see them catching up on all the news and gossip, we all have so much to say but eventually crash out and head for bed. I’m so excited that they are here and can’t wait for the morning.

We are really looking forward to sharing a bit of our world with them. As they were landing Mum said how amazing that they were about to land in Saigon. They of course remember watching the war footage on the telly. I don’t remember that but them being in Vietnam does seem amazing, a bit unreal after all our months of travelling but really great.