Conserving energy

Today has been quiet. We didn’t get out of bed until very late and spent a few hours with the kids teaching them the history of Vietnam. They make notes and we decide we are going to base their literacy learning on this subject over the next few weeks.

In the afternoon we had planned to visit the waterpark but unfortunately when we arrived it was closed. Taking the easy option we headed for the most expensive hotel in town and were delighted to find there is no charge for the use of their pool. We surround ourselves in luxury and get on with doing nothing all afternoon.

I have been feeling slightly guilty that we have done very little since we arrived in Vietnam but decide in the end that is a waste of time and just get on with it. Although it does sound very lazy, the heat is draining and sucks all the energy out of you. Like the locals we seem to be spending longer sleeping than usual and have resigned ourselves to the fact that Vietnam is probably not going to be a great cultural experience for us but more of an extended holiday.

Tomorrow we are going to be getting up at 5.30 to visit the floating markets. Oh god. I will never get used to the idea of getting up that early. Enough culture there to last a lifetime I reckon.