Vinh Phuoc Guesthouse

Well today has been very peaceful and quiet. I have been feeling sick all morning (Taken anti malarials on very little food) and we didn’t really make any moves except to do some maths with the kids. We have been thinking about their schoolwork and are going to try and separate what they are learning a bit more from now on. Although Maisie learnt all the biology really well the physics and chemistry are proving to be a bit more of a challenge for her and we think they will benefit more now from one to one schooling.

We walked up to the river and tried some of the world’s worst ice cream. Simon ate Maisie’s and I looked around for a plant pot or something in which to dump Alisters. Later we spent some time chatting to an American fella called Sam. The highlight of that was finding out he was born in California and went to UCLA. I wanted to know if he regularly rubbed shoulders with the stars and he did mention a few names which disappointingly I hadn’t heard of! (Basketball players).

Tomorrow we are going to catch a boat up the river and see a bit more of Chau Doc. In the afternoon we have planned to go swimming. My last chance to top up my tan before mum and Paul arrive. I don’t want them looking browner than me!