Chau Doc

I guess as we didn’t scrape our lazy arses out of bed until gone 11am today that does constitute a long lie in and it’s so good! The room we are all sharing is quite big but doesn’t have any windows which is why I suppose, we slept so late. I had a slightly disturbed night though as I was a bit paranoid about cockroaches.

Although I have got used to lizards everywhere and don’t mind the roaches as long as they stay away from me, I had a complete hysterical hissy fit last night when I picked up my towel and a huge roach crawled across my hand. The kids thought it was funny and so did I after about 10 minutes of sat sobbing on the bed. Even though I love Asia and everything about being here I will never get used to some of the big bugs that we have seen.

After breakfast we head off for the internet and send a few emails. The kids spend their time researching the American/Vietnam war and we plan that they will share the information with us and write it up later. We walk through the market up to the river. It’s really amazing we sit having a drink in a floating restaurant and watch the river traffic going by. It looks exactly as I have always pictured Vietnam. The small narrow boats are paddled by women in conical hats and huge dense clumps of water plants drift past.

We spend the afternoon chatting to Dave, he tells us he is from Boston and works as a conservation biologist. He has spent the past 4 years living in South Korea and is travelling around SE Asia for 2 months before returning to the States. Like us he has just arrived from Cambodia and also seemed very enamoured with it. I’m jealous when he tells us he spent a month in north east Cambodia living with the indigenous tribes. It sounds really amazing and something we would love to do in the future.

By the time it is dark we have had a few beers and wander back to The Vinh Phouc Hotel for dinner. Again the food is really good, and we stuff our faces for under a fiver. There are many interesting dishes on the menu and we ask the family to get us some fish and frog for tomorrow nights meal. We are definitely getting braver and after watching a telly program about food taboos on the National Geographic Channel feel we are up for most things.

We get a slightly earlier night and plan to try and see a little more of Vietnam tomorrow.