Lonely Beach

As we were up with the larks this morning, neither of us have any inclination to do anything today. We have some breakfast, the days always seem to start well with fruit and yogurt and disintegrate into beer and spring rolls later! We decide enough is enough, although we have paid for tonight’s bed after that we have to move as we are both desperate to sleep on a softer mattress. Simon’s observation about the cheap beds in Thailand is that they must cost more to make them so solid. When you sit on them there is literally no give whatsoever and I can really only describe it as like sleeping on the floor at home.

We walk along to an internet cafe and do a bit more research on Vietnam; we will definitely have to stay somewhere better than most of the places we choose once mum and Paul arrive but obviously as cost is such an important factor for us we don’t want to pay loads. It seems there is lots of mid ranged accommodation available in the places we want to go so that’s sorted.

This area is called Lonely Beach, although I wouldn’t describe it as lonely due to 5 or so resorts along the coastline, where we are currently staying is pretty and fairly quiet. There are a few English backpackers here but most tourists/ travellers seem to be either Scandinavian or German. It is very green and very hilly with lots of trees and bushes lining the roads. The sea is calm and so warm and we decide to have a swim to cool down. It is extremely hot and humid but quite cloudy today and we talk about how I would be having a complete freak if we were on holiday here for 2 weeks! As it is its quite good to have a bit of a break from the fierce suns rays and I lie on the beach reading my latest book, a Jackie Collins bonkbuster that Simon says he is ashamed to be seen anywhere near!

Eventually after checking a few places we decide to move tomorrow to an air con beach bungalow, built on stilts and set on the hillside of the Siam Beach Resort. It’s double the cost of this place but we don’t care, it’s less than a tenner and if we don’t move I reckon we’ll have to pay out the extra in Thai massage fees to patch up our knackered backs.

We have had a lovely evening, for dinner we chose the beach barbeque and the food was really great and cheap, we had t bone steak, chicken kebabs and huge tiger prawns with salad and best of all a jacket potato which we split in half it tasted so good we were almost fighting over it!

When we got back we decided to watch a film and choose Snakes on a plane. Unless films are really good and capture my interest in the first few minutes I quickly give up and I can only describe this film as complete pants! Simon said fortunately we were saved from our own morbid curiosity as it packed up half way through, yoo hoo for pirated copies, sometimes it works in your favour as we found out tonight!