Nature Beach Resort

As for Ko Chang looking a bit more inviting in the sunshine, well that’s a laugh as we get in our sawngthaew to the southwest coast it starts to piss it down with rain, great. We didn’t actually wake up this morning until nearly 11 and had decided to leave. I was sitting on the veranda having a coffee when slowly one by one a small troop of little monkeys began to appear on the roofs of the other bungalows. Suddenly there was obvious great excitement among the troop as they began to jump up and down chattering away.

A fella appeared up the path with a huge bag of rotten banana and watermelon. It was absolutely enchanting and we sat there watching them quietly, by far the best opportunity we have had to see wild monkeys close up.

We arrive on the southwest coast and have a bit of breakfast, an English fella comes rushing up as soon as we get out of the taxi and does his best to persuade us to stay at his bungalows. Although they are brand new and clean they are built on what is basically a building site and we decide against it. He sends us off in the direction of the Ban Lai resort but again we’re not happy. The room are cheap (300) per night but the beach is rocky and it’s not pretty.

Eventually after wandering along the road for half a mile, no mean feat in 35 plus degrees with large backpacks, we find somewhere we like and stop for a drink. We would have probably collapsed from heat exhaustion anyway had we gone much further!
We spend the afternoon lying on our bed, on the floor watching Peter Duncan’s family travels to China and in the evening walk along the beach to the resort next door.

Its really beautiful and very romantic sat in the candlelight a few feet from the waves, the only other light is from the stars and we can see the squid boats lit up on the horizon. We have baby clams in the pot and red snapper to eat. We get a text from my mum and Paul they have booked a flight to Vietnam and we will be meeting them in Ho Chi Minh City on 13th April yippee, so excited, it will be great to see them and I can’t wait to tell the kids.

We have our coffee sat on mats on the beach and listening to reggae music, it isn’t exactly serene but it’s laid back with hammocks, Beer Chang and a decent book selection and I’m looking forward to spending the day on the beach tomorrow catching a few more rays.