The alarm goes off and we all wake up and shower quickly, Maisie isn’t feeling very well with a sore throat and I worry as today they are off to their Dads for 10 days. We get in a taxi and arrive early at the Sheraton Orchid Hotel where they’re staying. The kids are thrilled to see Jem and we wave goodbye to them with a list of instructions about keeping up with the schoolwork, eating well etc etc.

We catch a boat back along the Chao Phraya River and make our way back to Th Khao San Rd. We sit and have some breakfast and talk about what to do for the day. It’s strange without the kids and we will miss them so much. We decide to cheer ourselves up we will go shopping and get a taxi to The Siam Complex of shopping centres. The Siam Paragon was still being built when we came last time and it’s really an amazing place. The shops are so good and there’s so much choice. I need some new underwear and we stand looking around at a whole floor of knickers. Eventually we make a few purchases and I also buy a lipstick from MAC that costs more than a day’s accommodation and food.

Ali would love it here, one floor has super cars and we look at the Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati shops, the food halls is also very impressive and we choose chicken and pork satay and spicy Thai sausages. I have a crumbled cookie frappe to drink – so yummy. We walk to The Hard Rock Cafe and have a jug of Singha, we want to buy Ali a guitar pin, he got one when we came before but lost it and we promised we would get him another if we could. Get a text from Jem they have arrived safely in Ko Samui that’s good.

We make our way back and sit having a few beers. We decided last Monday that we wouldn’t drink until 7pm as I’m getting a beer belly. So far we haven’t managed to do it once and by 5pm we’ve had quite a few. We ring our friends Alli, Marie and Fe and have a little chat with them. Two hours later and we’re sat in the red light district of Patpong outside a gay bar. (The liver is evil and must be punished) My memories of the rest of the night are completely blurred.