Bangkok Zoo

I found it really difficult to sleep last night, surprisingly enough as I had been asleep most of the afternoon. At 2am I was considering joining the throngs of people still milling around but couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and eventually did drift off.

The kids Dad Jem has asked us to get their passports back from the Chinese embassy as they need photo ID for their flight to Ko Samui. This is real pain as we had planned to go to the zoo for the day and will also cost Jem 80 quid for an express service but Simon says he will go and try and get them back and we set off for Dusit Zoo. Despite being told it’s closed, small and rubbish by 3 separate taxi drivers we take no notice and eventually arrive there.

We have a great time wandering around, the zoo has all the usual attractions including elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes and hippos and some extra ones such as the gorgeous Great Hornbills that I love seeing so much and 2 sweet Malay Sun Bears. It’s very hot and we decide to get some lunch early around 12.30. As always when it’s up to me to decide what to feed the kids junk food wins and I decide it’s a sign when someone gives me vouchers for cheap KFC – hurray!

We have our lunch and decide to head off to see the Red Panda. None of us have heard of such a thing and are intrigued by this, as we are walking along we see Simon in the distance coming towards us. He tells us that he has got the passports back with visas and had decided that any fast food outlet would be a good place to start looking for us! How well he knows me!

We passed some peddle boats earlier and all pile in them. The fella insists we wear lifejackets and the heat is becoming fairly unbearable. Simon and I peddle around the lake very slowly stopping to watch the massive monitor lizards paddling through the water.

By now it is mid afternoon and we decide to make our way back to Th Khao San Road. We all have showers to cool down and I sit with the kids and do some literacy. They write poems about Thailand using a spider plan and the letters of the word THAILAND to start each new sentence. They do well and we all laugh at Alister’s “interesting and imaginative” use of sentences.

After dinner we return to The Siam Oriental and repack our rucksacks, we set the alarm for 7 and get an early night.