The Khao San Road

Despite setting the alarm we managed to oversleep and our plans to be at the Vietnamese Embassy at 8.30 disintegrate. Still we rush around and a 15 minute walk to Wireless Road finds us filling in visa forms and handing over 127 quid. (That was an expensive 20 minutes). On the way back to The Atlanta Hotel we get some street food for breakfast. One of the best things about Bangkok is the huge choice and variety of food you can get here. We choose waffles with sweetcorn filling, grilled bananas with coconut sauce and mini pancakes. We decide to give the duck heads on sticks a miss.

Back at the hotel the kids strip off and go for a swim. I lie on the sunbed reading Heat magazine and catching up on the latest David and Victoria gossip and Simon takes pictures of the kids jumping and diving in. After an hour we drag them away as we are desperate to get out there and have a wander around.

For me Bangkok is my favourite city. It is described as a steamy, sprawling mess and it is undoubtedly chaotic, noisy and so hot. It is famous for the amazing Grand Palace, fantastic Buddha’s and the sex industry. When we visited Bangkok last year we planned to stay 2 days and move on. Almost everyone I spoke to assured me 2 days of Bangkok would be enough. In the end we stayed for a week, left feeling we hadn’t scratched the surface and having completely fallen in love with the place.

There are many distinct districts of Bangkok, Ko Ratanakosin houses the Grand Palace and many other beautiful temples, Th Sukumvit has the bargirl scene, Siam Square- lots of modern shopping malls, Banglamphu the famous backpacker street Th Khao San Road and Chinatown well lots of Chinese food amongst other things.

We decide to get a taxi to Th Khao San Rd we never went there last year as we were avoiding all tourists and travellers but as it is the cheapest place to stay in town we want to check it out. As expected it is backpacker heaven and the traveller uniform is everywhere. I think if you spent a week here you would be tattooed, pierced and dreadlocked before you knew it! Maisie gets her hair braided and we all buy some new clothes. We sit watching the world going by and having a beer, Ali asks some fella if he can sit on his motorbike and is so pleased when he agrees.

We don’t get back to our hotel until late and therefore eat in, I don’t really enjoy dinner though, despite The Atlanta’s stuck up claims about their menu having “serious and learned annotations” ( what’s that all about?!) I think the food is fairly crap and I’m looking forward to moving tomorrow where we will have a bit more choice. Bacon sandwich here I come.