Organising stuff day

Despite the boiling hot weather I am still feeling stuffed up with a cold and wake up all snotty with a headache, added to this is the misery of an uncountable number of mosquito bites and I’m feeling pissed off to say the least this morning. We have to decide today where we are going next and make the decision to stay here for another day until I hopefully feel better and then travel to either Hua Hin or Chumphon tomorrow.

We say goodbye to Lauren and Bina, they are heading off to the full moon party and then to Ko Tao for a few days. It’s been great travelling with them and we’ve all enjoyed it a lot. We then phone home, its Paul’s birthday today and we all sing to him. Happy Birthday Grandad XXX We get some donuts from Tescos and eat them (with 2 sudafed for me also) instead of the birthday cake that we would have if we were at home! I tell Paul we’ll have a birthday toast to him later although it may be with orange juice if I’ve not chirped up a bit.

We then decide to phone a few of our friends and catch up with them. The first calls are a bit upsetting; Lou has broken her leg whilst riding her horse and spent the last 5 weeks in hospital having lots of surgery and Shirley needs a big hug from me. Talking to them today made me miss them a lot and I wish I could see them, I get a bit tearful and fearful of what’s to come from Di and Jimi and Nicky. When I get through to Di she doesn’t know who I am at first and then shrieks down the phone so loud it nearly bursts my eardrums! Happily she sounds great and they are both fine, following our website every night when they get in from the pub. Yeh that’s the spirit! Have a few vodkas for me mate! (I really don’t feel like dancing tonight though!)

I spend a few hours in bed and watch Madagascar on Maisie’s PSP. We have decided to travel to Hua Hin tomorrow night and are going to leave even if I’m still feeling crap as we really need to get to Bangkok before the weekend. We are meeting the kids Dad and his wife Caron on the 10th but need Ali and Maisie with us for a few days in Bangkok at least while we get visas sorted.

Maisie and I have some food at the hotel despite the fact that this place is gorgeous the food is really crap and we end up with fried rice how exciting. Simon and Ali go out to book our train tickets and get their dinner. We instruct them to bring us something nice back from Tescos, very much like a Saturday night in at home! We watch some rubbish film and pamper ourselves a bit, I figure that looking a bit more presentable might make me feel better but probably sleep and paracetamol will be more effective and I’m heading for both in a big way.