Kayaking and Lagoon

The storm that was threatening never came and we had a fairly peaceful night. I woke up once; I think it may have been around 4am and sat outside staring at the lake and the misty mountains in the moonlight for a while. Very peaceful, I felt like Grizzly Adams.
Everyone is awake by 7am and they all go kayaking for an hour or so. Maisie gets in with Bonny and Ali and Simon go together. I decide to stay and watch our gear and wake up slowly with a cool refreshing swim in the lake.

We order scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and toast for breakfast. Daeng tells us if we get a move on he will take us to a lagoon on the way back and we pack our gear up quickly. Too quickly I realise as we are halfway across the lake, I have left my sunglasses behind. Second pair down. Damn it. The return boat trip takes an hour and as we drift silently across the beautiful lagoon I think we all feel that we have visited a really special and unspoilt place.

We arrive at the pier and get back on the mini bus. We are heading to back to Surat Thani where we will arrange transport further up towards Bangkok over the next few days, Lauren and Bina have to return to Our Jungle House and collect their stuff, they are going to come and stay at 100 Islands Resort with us tonight before heading off to Ko Pha Ngan for the full moon party and Bonny is going to stay in the treehouse in the jungle for a night before she leaves for Kanchanaburi.

10 minutes down the road and Daeng drops us at the bus stop. We thank him for a great time and ask that he sends our regards to Klaus. Unfortunately we miss a local bus and have to wait for another hour but eventually after 2 bus rides and a short walk we arrive back at the hotel. It’s like an oasis in the desert and we don’t waste anytime before jumping into the pool for a swim. We spend the afternoon having a few beers (and a few gins) and Bina and Lauren turn up around 6pm. We are quite tired and walk to the end of the hotel drive for some food. It’s nothing spectacular but fills a gap and we head off to bed around 10pm.