KR Mansion

We have had such a quiet and peaceful day today. We very slowly made our way to breakfast, which seemed to take us ages to eat as we all had several courses! Simon then spent a few hours doing some science with the kids. I couldn’t face doing it today and they seem to have no clue that it is as difficult for us to get motivated sometimes as it is for them.

The weather is very hot and overcast today and I’m not surprised when it starts to rain. As we have previously experienced in Asia the rain is torrential but doesn’t last long and I guess the temperature hardly dips a degree.

We have a wander up the road in the afternoon and after stopping for coffee find a hairdresser. Ali has his hair cut for a bargain 50 baht (less than a quid). One of the things I am sure we will find really aggravating when we go home is the cost of simple things like a haircut. We then phone home on Skype. Mum ad Paul moved house from Plymouth to Burton on Trent yesterday and its great hearing all about their new place. I also have a quick word with my brother Will and catch up on the news of how our niece Hope is growing.

Then I speak to Dad and Pauline, its lovely to speak to them also and let them know how things are going. They said we all look a little bit wild these days on the photo’s which I was pleased to hear.

Several hours later and I have earache so say my goodbyes and head for the bar across the road where Simon and the kids are waiting. We have a quick drink and decide to look for a bookshop. We buy Maisie a new book but can’t find one for Ali and will try again in Surat Thani. The kids have enjoyed reading their books on bus and train trips but English children’s books have so far proved fairly difficult to find.

We walk further into Krabi town. It is a lively and busy place with loads of touristy shops selling souvenirs, fake designer gear and sun cream. It reminds me a little of Hua Hin where we holidayed last year. We settle on KFC for dinner and over order by a mile, still it is cheap enough and eventually we do manage to eat the lot back at our hotel. We also bought some magazines at the book shop and I lie on the bed looking at photographs taken of the tsunami damage.

Although we have been to Thailand since the tsunami and the images of 26.12.04 were probably clearer in my mind then, nothing can prepare you for visiting those areas and seeing the damage caused first hand. The magazine shows terrible pictures from Penang Langkawi, Ko Lanta and especially the beach we visited yesterday at Railay. It makes me think about stuff, count my blessings.

Simon and the kids are downstairs watching Mr and Mrs Smith. We are moving on tomorrow to Thailand’s East coast. Until this afternoon I had no clue where we were going, when and how we were getting there and am so pleased that finally I am becoming so less organised and anal about stuff.

Actually we are going to a place called Surat Thani by bus, it will take around 3 hours and from there we will head further north we think, I’m looking forward to seeing the other coast. Whether it will be completely over run with tourists though will be another matter.