Koh Ngai Paradise Resort

It absolutely threw it down overnight and the noise of the heavy rain on the roof was awesome. We woke up early enough though and try and plan our trip over the next few weeks. Originally we wanted to visit many of the islands in Southern Thailand including the well known Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Phuket. But have decided that we will probably give these islands a miss and concentrate on the quieter islands instead.
If we are to visit Laos which we are both keen to do, we have to gain some time somewhere and don’t want to miss out on Kanchanaburi or Chang Mai. We also have to spend at least a few days in Bangkok getting our visa’s to Vietnam and China organised, which is cool as we both adored it there last time we went.

Simon has bought both shampoo and a razor from the shelf of supplies here and subsequently we are going to stay on Ko Hai for another day. Today is Chinese New Year and we have heard reports that we may find it difficult and/or expensive to get accommodation on the busier islands.

Simon spends an hour teaching Ali maths and then half an hour teaching me. Being so crap at maths makes me feel dumb and inadequate but he’s very patient and doesn’t take the piss which I really appreciate. I spend some time doing literacy with Maisie and we concentrate on passive and active verbs and spellings. We take it in turns to do some snorkelling off the beach and Simon is lucky enough to see Nemo! I only see dead coral, parrot fish and a cat fish but still its good and we all have fun.

By now I am getting a bit stir crazy, there is so little to do here and Simon suggests we walk to the other side of the island. We set off through a wide and well marked path into the jungle and within 10 minutes are scrabbling through dense overgrowth and over roots. Despite the intense heat I do enjoy it and eventually strip off to my bikini. I guess I don’t really look the part in my flip flops but we have brought water, repellent and a towel with us and make our way along quite well!

At last we arrive at the Koh Hai Fantasy Resort on the other side of the island, I quickly redress and we head straight to their bar. Complete bliss, we sit on comfy sofas over looking the lovely white sands and sea and drinking Gin. Love it!

The tide goes out and we make our way along the beach to The Seafood Restaurant, we have shrimp rice, a huge salad and a whole barbequed salted Red Snapper which is really good. We chat to an English couple and their 2 young sons; they are presently living in China and offer some interesting and insightful information to us. By now it is around 8.30pm and we ask the lady at the restaurant to arrange a longtail boat back to our side of the island. The weather is really stormy and although there are only a few spots of rain, the thunder is rumbling around and lightening constantly lights up the sky. Travelling back on the boat, in the darkness is surreal and scary. We crash through the waves and I’m glad when we reach our shoreline.

Ali has heard from his friend Kate that his best friend Woody has been hurt in a skiing accident and we decide to phone home to check on his progress. This is quite upsetting for us and we all hope he is home soon and back to his normal crazy self. Get well soon mate!!!

Maisie and I crash out, it is hot, humid and sultry and soon the rains will pour down. Tomorrow we are moving onto Ko Lanta, this is a larger and busier island and although I have had a great time here I am looking forward to returning to civilisation with easy access internet, a decent bed, running water and that modern miracle, all day electricity.