I awoke very early today and must be still be on Malaysia time. We have gained an hour and are now only 7 hours ahead of the UK. The rooms are very hot even at 6.30am and I get up and have a shower to cool down. The kids are fast asleep but at 9.00am I can’t contain myself and go and disturb them. Their room is small and the window opens internally and I am slightly worried that they may have boiled to death overnight but happily they’re alive and kicking and as ever want to know when we are getting breakfast.

We catch a tuk tuk to The Meeting Place Cafe; according to the book this is a good place to arrange transport out to the islands. The difficulty now arises in having to choose between paradise and paradise we eventually decide on Ko Hai. This island is only 5km across and described as having palm trees, white sands, clear blue sea and almost entirely ringed by coral. It will take an hour to get to the pier and a further hour by longtail boat to the island and we agree on a cost of 900baht. There is one slight flaw in our plan and that is that The Meeting Place Cafe usually only arrange transport and accommodation together as a package. The Ko Ngai Resort does look beautiful but we want to see other (Possibly cheaper) accommodation on the island also.

As there is no transport on Ko Hai we will find it very difficult to get around with all our gear but decide to cross that bridge tomorrow and see what happens. After breakfast we return to The Yamawa Guesthouse where we are staying. There is a small seating area in the reception and to the kids disgust we get the schoolbooks out. Continuing on from the literacy they did with Toby we discuss the differences between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. Sticking with their themes from their presentations I tell them that “all cats and guitars are banned”. They write 2 newspaper articles each in the style of The Sport and The Times and although it’s difficult they do really well and write some great articles.

In the afternoon we get some food in a decent restaurant, there is very little to do here and we are waiting for evening when it will cool down enough for us to go out to the night market. In 3 days time it will be Chinese New Year and there are lots of red lanterns decorating the streets of Trang, it looks very pretty and we would have liked to see the celebrations but as we’re now hoping to visit Laos we must keep to a tight schedule and have agreed to move on quickly.

Back at The Yamawa Guesthouse, Maisie and I decide to have a foot massage. The Thai masseuses have the strongest fingers and before long I remember likening a Thai full body massage I had in Hua Hin to nothing short of torture. Still Maisie seems to enjoy it and once it’s over my feet feel silky and I finish it off with clipping my nails and repainting them in readiness for the beach