Last night I had a nightmare that our room was crawling with cockroaches and woke up about 1am with my heart racing. The revenge of the roaches. Although I went back to sleep quickly I felt tired this morning and we didn’t get up until 9.

After breakfast we spend an hour doing science we’re trying to complete the topic of the human body but it seems to be taking ages and we will be glad to move onto something different. We then discuss our plans for our jungle trip. Maisie is adamant that she doesn’t want to go rafting and we work out that it will probably be cheaper if we arrange it all independently rather than joining an organised tour.

We have decided that we are spending too much money and are going to try more budget accommodation. Whether this is a good idea in the jungle I don’t know but as it will only be for 2 or 3 nights I’m sure it will be ok. We have a minimum standard that we will go to and that basically means no sharing rooms/toilet with other people. The next request on the list is a window but we will go without that if necessary.

We have planned to visit the bird park later and we stop at a cafe and have lunch first.
Next we make for the biggest and busiest internet cafe I’ve seen. It is unbelievably noisy with 50 or so school boys playing a fighting game on the computers and after an hour of checking and replying to loads of emails from our friends and family I’m glad to get out of there.

We have a wander up the road through Petaling Street. This should be a good place to buy Ali a pair of trousers but due to a slight difference of opinion as to what constitutes appropriate jungle wear we come away empty handed. Apart from Ali we all have good trousers, but as he didn’t want to come shopping prior to the trip either, his only pair are very thick and baggy. I have tried to talk him about leeches but style is of course, far more important and what do I know anyway?

We give the bird park a miss as it is looking very overcast and walk back to our hotel, we then spend a few hours lazing around and planning some stuff to do over the next few weeks. We decide to book the bus to take us to Taman Negara and ring ahead and arrange some accommodation. As we will be leaving in the morning at 8.30, I pack up our rucksacks so we don’t have to get up too early.

Its 8pm and Ai has now decided that he would like to buy the trousers that we saw earlier. All it took was a bit of discussion amongst Simon and I about how wet and muddy we will get caving/ rafting/ walking etc and he announced perhaps he was being a bit awkward after all earlier!

We also buy insect repellent, knock down spray, a torch and tigerbalm (apparently makes leeches drop off). Can’t make up my mind if I’m more or less nervous now!
If the website hasn’t been updated in 5 days please call International Rescue.

Kuala Lumpur

Simon has gone off early this morning to get tickets for the Petronas Towers skybridge and I wake the kids around 8.30.
While I was in the bathroom this morning I noticed a large creepy cockroach lying on its back wriggling its feelers. There is no way I’m touching it so I get Ali and we trap it under a glass. After a few minutes it lies quite still and we wonder if it’s ill. Eventually Ali decides to get it out and put it out of the window but once it’s out we realise the windows don’t open. We settle for shoving it down the neck of an empty beer bottle and when I check on it 10 minutes later it’s crawling around and looking quite lively.

Our good deed for the day.

Following an hour of science work we catch the LRT train to the Thai embassy and collect our passports and visa’s. Simon has arranged for us to visit the skybridge at 6pm so we head off to The National Museum. This is a great place to visit and has several galleries with life size waxwork figures which display Malaysia’s history, arts and crafts. They also explain many aspects of Malay culture and at around 40 pence admission and kids free it is a really entertaining and worthwhile hour.

Suddenly I feel really ill and have to run to the toilet and be sick (my own fault, I took my malaria tablet 3 hours after breakfast). We decide to stop for some lunch but I can’t face anything other than multi coloured cake and Simon and the kids don’t look too enthusiastic about what’s on offer either.

Next we visit the National Planetarium. The last time we went to one of these was in London and I seem to remember it cost loads but at 1 ringitt per person (just over 10 pence) this is a bargain attraction and we have a great time there. The exhibits are all good and it’s both interesting for us and very educational for Ali and Maisie. We have to cover “Space” as one of their science topics and this whets their appetites for it.
The best thing about the planetarium was the space ball, which enabled us to experience weightlessness, a room with a black hole and a gravity simulator.

We walk from the planetarium to Taman Orkid and Taman Bunga Raya. These are beautiful orchid and hibiscus gardens and as I love flowers I really want to visit them. The kids aren’t however quite as enthused and as it is now 35 degrees I quickly lose my motivation for them myself. Simon is also quite ambivalent and after 15 minutes wandering through the gardens we make our way back to KLCC to get a bit of air con.

At 6pm we make our way to the Petronas Towers skybridge experience. After watching a short film about the construction of the towers we get in the express elevator to the 41st floor. Ali says it goes so fast it makes his ears pop. The view from the skybridge is excellent and we all enjoy ourselves loads.
We return to the mall and after dinner at the food court decide to head back to our hotel. We are all tired again and I think we will get up a bit later tomorrow. Walking around in the heat and humidity is absolutely exhausting and we have done a lot today.

We are trying to decide whether to go and spend some time in the jungle over the next few days. It sounds good but is fairly remote and I actually seriously feel scared about going. I guess I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.