Last day in Singapore

This is our last day in Singapore, I’m pleased that we managed to achieve in 8 days what could easily have been achieved in 4 but sickness can’t be helped and we have had a
good time here.

Singapore hasn’t been what I expected but I think this is because I did very little reading about the place before we arrived. For me, although it has a very interesting history this has been completely erased in many ways. The best example of this was when looking at 2 pictures of the harbour. 100 years ago it was a crowded, bustling place, crammed with boats, people and animals. Now the boats and people are all gone and the water is sparkling clean. Sky scrapers surround it and dropping litter carries a fine of 1000 dollars.

I can understand why Singapore is described as sterile, but not why it’s described as boring. If you like food, drinking, gadgets and shopping you would be in heaven here.
The Singaporeans can appear quite straight faced but once they get talking are friendly and love to tell you about their island. Most are quite well travelled and completely into their mobiles, MP3′s, PSP and Nintendo DS. Actually we fit in well here as we all love gadgets.

The highlights of Singapore were for me visiting Raffles hotel and The Asian Civilisations Museums. Had we all been well we would have appreciated the food here more and had we been rich appreciated the shops better too. We did decide the other day that if by some miracle we win the lottery we will head here for a bit of retail therapy while we decide on how to dispose of our millions.

Lastly, the rules and laws of Singapore, trying to find a crossing when you just have to run across a small and quiet road is a real pain and I have to admit we have broken the law a number of times since we arrived here. But public toilets aren’t the health hazard that they are in England and I can see no problem with heavy fines for littering, it makes the place so much nicer for everyone who lives and visits here.

We have spent our last day here much as we spent our first. That is in our hotel room. This sounds bad but the weather is terrible and has been raining non stop for hours. Also due to costs we really don’t want to visit any of the more expensive remaining attractions that we didn’t see. Our original plan for today was to go to The Botanic Gardens to see some orchids but I guess they can wait for a future visit.

We are due to catch the Ekspres Senandung Malum train to Kuala Lumpur tonight at 1015pm. I have been reading up about KL today and am now feeling excited about moving on. A little apprehensive about tonight’s train journey but hopefully it will be fine.