Sentosa Island

Today we have had a disaster, when Maisie got my hair straighteners out this morning they are broken in two and clearly will never work again. Quite how this happened is a mystery but no one is owning up to knowing anything about it and this really isn’t that important anyway. They do need to be replaced though and we decide that as Simon will be taking Ali’s PSP off for repair today he can look for more straighteners and I will do some school work with the kids.

As we have wi-fi access here we take advantage of it and use the internet to research the history of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. It is fascinating and we learn lots about Changi prison, so called comfort women camps and the impact of the occupation on Singaporean lives.

Simon eventually comes back with some new ceramic straighteners and a repaired PSP and we set off as planned, although a little late, to Sentosa Island,
Sentosa Island is almost completely man made, from the theme park style attractions to the man made beaches. We catch the cable car over Singapore harbour and the view of the sky scrapers is excellent. We decide to visit the butterfly and insect kingdom, the luge and sky train and 4d cinema.

The butterflies and insects are predictably beautiful and creepy respectively and Simon takes some good pictures. It is very hot in their enclosures and although we find them quite interesting I’m glad to move onto the luge. So are the kids, Ali can hardly contain himself he’s so excited and we all get our helmets on and listen to the instructions of how to stop them.

It is really good and I enjoy it a lot, as we have 2 rides each I decide I will go much faster next time and quite happily we all get on the sky train to take us back up to the top of the luge.

What a massive mistake, it is like a bench and has a bar across your lap to keep you in but that is it. Ali and I are both scared of heights and although he’s really brave as we get higher I get completely hysterical, burst into tears and spend the rest of it with my eyes closed.
At around 150 feet high at its highest I find it completely horrible and nothing will persuade me to go back on. This is a shame as it also means I have to give up my second luge ride but Ali is quite pleased as he gets a third go.

Finally we make our way to the 4d cinema I have been to these before at Disney and its really good. The story is called Pirates and by the end of the film we have been chased by giant bees and bats, jolted around in our seats and sprayed with water. Maisie kept taking her glasses off and kept her legs up as we had felt crabs snapping around our ankles.

We get the MRT back to Bugis Station and head back to our hotel. We need to sort some stuff out as we are moving on to Malaysia tomorrow night. We try and ring a hotel in Kuala Lumpur but they are full and decide to leave this until the morning to organise.
We also use our telephone banking that we set up before we left to transfer some money and this seems easy and simple enough.

Off to bed now we have a lot to pack tomorrow and I’m looking forward to moving on again.