Today I have completely fallen in love with Singapore. We set the clock and got up slowly, poor Simon is now ill so I have given him antibiotics and some of the medicine from the Dr. By 10am he is feeling well enough to go out and we catch the MRT train to The Quays.

The harbour is surrounded by bars and restaurants, sky scrapers and The Asian Civilisations Museum. As we missed breakfast our first stop is for food and drink and we have pizza, not exactly a nutritious and wholesome breakfast but hey.

We walk round to the museum; we had originally planned to visit a number of museums in Singapore but have had to choose just one now and I’m so glad we chose this one.
We wanted somewhere that would explain some of Singapore’s history to the kids and there are 6 different galleries based on culture.

The first gallery gives an interesting account of the evolution of Singapore’s waterways and explains how Sir Thomas Raffles “discovered” Singapore in 1819. The kids enjoyed listening to the audio’s and I waded through some of the written information to give them a bit more concise explanation of Raffles. They were slightly more interested in the fact that he was also one of the founders of London Zoo and had a pet bear that used to dine with him on champagne and mangos.

We wandered through the remaining galleries and took loads of photos; many of the exhibits were beautiful and we saw prehistoric bronzes, ancient Qur’ ans, tribal textiles, Chinese deities and many other artefacts.

Lastly we visited an exhibition of ancient Chinese masks. These masks were discovered in 1986 buried in 2 pits in the province of Sichuan. The large masks were both stunning in design and mystical looking and we all really enjoyed seeing them. It seems amazing that the masks are nearly 3500 years old and despite being deliberately burnt and broken before burial have managed to survive.

We walked from the museum to see the Fountain of Wealth, this is the world’s largest fountain and it took us nearly half an hour in blistering heat to get there. I guess it would have been worth it, had it been switched on.

We did however pass the Merlion on the way, according to a fable this creature came out of the sea and we learnt that Singa means lion and Pura means city hence the Merlion is a city emblem.

Next stop was a shopping mall; the choice of stuff is mind blowing with a massive array of gadgets, clothes and jewellery. We had a 10 dollar haircut each in a ” Toyko 10 minute hair booth” which must be the cheapest haircut I have had since about 1976.

Lastly we caught the MRT to the Lavender Food Centre, the choice of dishes is vast, but we play it fairly safe ordering chicken satay, rice, steamed vegetables and honey roasted pork. Looking around we could have chosen turtle/frog soup, fish head porridge or pig organs in gravy. After the last few days of upset tummies we decided to give all that a miss though.

Its 11pm and I’m knackered we have walked miles today and want to get up early tomorrow to make the most of the day. Just watched American Idol, sadly for Simon Cowell due to travelling I’m unavailable for auditions again this year. What a loss for everyone but I just can’t do it all.