Hard Rock Cafe

As planned we got up at 8.30am. Every morning our first question to Ali has revolved around his guts and this morning was no exception. As he is still dashing off to the loo at least twice an hour we set of to find a chemist in the hope that we can buy some antibiotics over the counter. No such luck though and the pharmacist points us in the general direction of a Dr.

Eventually having wandered around a backstreet Chinese shopping area we find the Dr and are shown through. He is very kind and questions Ali carefully; he listens to his chest, feels his abdomen and informs us he will treat him for simple traveller’s diarrhoea with the instructions to seek further medical advice and treatment for more complicated infections if it doesn’t resolve with a few days.

I’m not entirely happy with this advice as he has prescribed loperamide, some sort of kaolin mixture and something called gastrostop. Ali also has strict instructions not to eat for 6 hours and drink lots of water or flat 7 up. He also suggested we could try some Chinese crystal therapy but I told him I was a nurse at this point and he didn’t push the point as he could see I was starting to look sceptical. Still I guess taking this stuff won’t do any harm and agree to give it a go.

We were planning to get out and about today but as Ali feels awful and Simon has got bad belly ache we decide to go back to the hotel. Oh my god I am SO bored!
I’m sure Singapore has a lot to offer but we have done so little here and it’s costing us 56 quid a night. What a nightmare.

I drag the kids away from their PSP’s, Simon spent a nervous hour last night down grading Maisie’s new gadget. If this works it improves the PSP loads and he has already done Ali’s but it is a risky thing to do using illegal and unlicensed software and as it can completely kill the PSP we were relieved when it went smoothly.

Ali isn’t feeling up to school work so I tell them they have to listen and we talk about reproduction, the menstrual cycle, contraception and briefly sexually transmitted infections. Most of this is part of the curriculum and they are fairly interested although Ali tells me he’s not interested in learning about periods and it’s all horrible!

I play a bit of air guitar to entertain them and it works and cheers them all up. By 5pm we decide to go out for dinner but although there is the most amazing choice of restaurants we play it safe and go to The Hard Rock Cafe for burgers, ribs and pasta. We share a massive hot chocolate fudge brownie sundae and I manage to eat most of it.

An hour or so later and I am seriously regretting it, we walked back to Orchard Road as the malls stay open late and look around the designer stores. There are so many gorgeous shops including Armani, Louis Vuitton, D&G, Prada and Gucci etc.
Sadly it makes me feeling too tall, too fat and too skint and we leave empty handed with me cursing myself for being so greedy at dinner.

The young Singaporean women are the epitome of chic and style and with their lovely figures and beautiful faces I have decided I couldn’t live here after all as I couldn’t stand the pressure to look great all the time. It has made me long for high heels and my jeans and I feel a haircut wouldn’t go amiss either!

We stop off for a drink at a pavement cafe, it is so great to be sat outside in shorts and the tropical weather is definitely one of the best things about Singapore. The humidity is really exhausting but I think the year round high temperatures make up for it. I read that it never gets colder than 20 degrees here and as most in door places have air con its fine.

Its 9.30pm and we have just got back, I have started Ali on antibiotics and am hoping he will feel better tomorrow – fingers crossed- again!