Orchard Road

Our sleep pattern here has been terrible and we didn’t wake up until 11am today despite the alarm. What a waste of a morning. We wake the kids up and although Ali is feeling better in himself he’s still got an upset tummy. I’m feeling ok though and raring to get out of here.

The weather is much better today and hot with blue skies and some clouds. It’s still very humid though and I have noticed that everyone seems to carry umbrellas permanently, using them to alternately shelter from the sun and the rain.

We skip breakfast and catch the MRT train to Orchard Road. It is a mile and a half of shopping mall heaven and we decide to split up for a couple of hours. We stop at the juice place for fresh strawberry smoothies and then Maisie and I head for the clothes shops and Simon and Ali for the gadgets.

It’s a shopaholics dream; the malls are air conditioned, spacious and modern with loads of British and Asian shops. We head straight for Karen Millen and within 5 minutes we’re busy trying stuff on. Simon has given me all the money we have but I’m really conscious that we have to carry whatever we buy and in the end settle for a 30 dollar t shirt from Gap (not very exciting I know).

The time flies by and we meet around 4pm for some food. At the top of Wisma Atria (The Mall we are in) is a huge food area and after much debate we decide on sushi and sashimi. Ali and I are the real sushi fans but we all agreed it was fantastic. The sushi chef advised us and made the sashimi rolls there and then. Ali was a little apprehensive about the raw fish but is a real star with food. He will give anything a go and we were laughing when the sushi chef had to tell him to go easy on the wasabi. He was scarlet in the face at this point.

We have decided to buy Maisie a PSP, she has been coveting Alisters since we started the trip and Singapore seems as good a place as any to get it. Simon and Ali negotiate a price of 170 quid which includes a case and 4GB memory card. They tell me this is a bargain and as I know nothing else then I guess it must be.

The malls are all different and I want to go to The Hilton Shopping Gallery where all the designer stores are but Maisie starts complaining that she has got belly ache and is feeling sick so reluctantly we head back to our hotel.
We would like to return to Orchard Road before we leave for Malaysia but as we have managed to spend nearly 250 quid in 2 hours we’ll have to give that some thought.

We nip up the road for dinner, a busy and reasonably cheap food place and have dumpling/noodle soup and stir fried mixed vegetables. I feel like our diet has improved massively since leaving India despite the fact that we have eaten a fair bit of junk food and happily I reckon I have lost a few pounds- Hurray!
Its midnight now and I’m off to bed, we have a lot of catching up to do over the next few days and I’m setting both alarms to make sure our lazy arses are up by 8.30.