Sick Day

We set the alarm today for 9.30 and lay in bed listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 for half an hour. We have planned to visit several museums to day to learn more about Singapore’s history and I have been doing a bit of researching on the internet.

In 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived here to make Singapore part of the British Empire. It then grew as a trade hub for South East Asia and the cultures of China, India and Malay Muslims all thrived here. In 1942 the Japanese invaded Singapore and ran the island brutally for the rest of World War II, infamously imprisoning foreigners in Changi prison.

These days Singapore is famous for two things, food and shopping. I read on a web forum that Orchard road compares with New York’s Fifth Avenue and I guess we will have to exercise some restraint there. We haven’t experienced a great deal that Singapore has to offer with regard to food yet. This is due to the fact that we haven’t been feeling too good and really haven’t been out and about much.

Poor Alister is really suffering with the shits; he has been up half the night and looks pale and ill this morning, with lots of belly ache. I feel so sorry for him and it’s so frustrating because we can’t go out anywhere at the moment. I have given him some Dioralyte and am considering starting him on some Ciprofloxacin antibiotics. These should only be given to adolescents with caution though as they can cause joint problems and I’m reluctant to start them too soon and decide for the moment to see how he goes for the rest of today.

We were hoping to cram lots in over the next few days as it is fairly expensive here and then move on to cheaper Malaysia but its is looking increasingly unlikely that we will be doing much today other than watching Singapore TV, which seems to be an endless round of reality shows, playing the PSP / Nintendo and surfing the net.

Simon decides to do some maths with Maisie who is extremely put out by the fact that she has to work “while Ali’s just lazing in bed”. She can be extremely kind but sometimes finds it hard to appreciate it when people are sick. As her ambition is to become a doctor I hope she learns a little more empathy for others before she is let loose on patients!

The weather is also crap; although it is very hot it has been raining solidly since we woke up. Watching the news it seems that these levels of rainfall are slightly unusual for this time of year and there has been flooding and subsequent landslides on other parts of the island. In all it’s hardly been a great start to our visit here.

Its 4.30pm, I have spent the afternoon studying, sleeping and even ironed our stuff. Some fella came to watch me and given our suspicions regarding the dubious nature of this place I wondered if he had a housework fetish or something!
Still I am so glad we are here and not still in India as it is so much nicer than the majority of places we stayed in while we were there and that’s really important whilst Ali is sick.

Spent the evening watching a film The Day After Tomorrow and then spoke to Shirley on Skype for a while. Although it didn’t make me homesick I really wished she was here, she knows Singapore well and I would love for us to go and have a glass of wine and a good gossip! Sometimes I guess you just need a bit of girl time!