We took off from Chennai airport at 11.30pm on board a Singapore Airlines flight. Maisie was upset to find that her in flight entertainment screen wasn’t working. Neither was mine but I honestly couldn’t have cared less as I just listen to my MP3 player. Still I managed to look suitably disappointed when they came to apologise and what a bonus they gave us 100 US dollars as compensation!

The time literally flew by and by the time we had a drink, read a magazine and tried for a little sleep it was almost time to land. Maisie and I refused to eat the food on the basis that airline food is the food of the devil, but Ali and Simon ate it and don’t seem to have experienced any side effects so far.

The aeroplane started to prepare for landing, I was looking out of the window to check for “the thing on the wing” (Tales of the Unexpected early 1980′s) as I always do when flying and realised that we were flying into torrential rain. If airline food is the food of the devil then I reckon that planes are his transport. I don’t think I will ever accept that flying is anything other than a necessary evil to get you to the places that you want to see and as always I feel relieved when we bump down safely.

We complete our immigration cards and after clearing passport control collect our rucksacks. By now we’re all feeling completely shite, it is 3am India time and as Singapore is 8 hours ahead of the UK its 6am here. We make our way towards the taxis but stop off on the way for some caffeine and free internet.

The taxi driver tells us it has been raining for 5 days and although it is boiling hot it is very humid and overcast. My first impressions of Singapore are that it is a slightly futuristic looking place. The drive to our hotel is so smooth and almost silent with none of the racket of the roads of India. The high rises are very impressive and modern looking and everywhere is unbelievably clean.

We arrive at our hotel and the driver charges us 19 Singapore dollars. (Around 6 quid) and the exchange rate is about one pound to every three dollars.

The hotel is called The Madras Hotel and is in the area of Little India, we chose it mainly based on cost and despite the fact that it is at the budget end of the market in Singapore, it is one of the best places we have stayed in so far with clean rooms, hot water, telly, washing machine, tumble dryer and best of all free wi-fi connection. It’s great to be sat on the bed surfing the net and when it reaches 9am in the UK we phone home, talk to mum and use the webcam.

We had planned to go out and get some food but both the kids are completely exhausted and have been sick a few times. I’m not too worried about this, I think it is due to tiredness but we decide Simon will try for take out instead and by 5pm we are starving having not eaten all day.
He comes back with fresh steamed vegetables, sticky rice, a thai green curry and Peking duck and food never tasted so good!
We sit on the bed eating it with chop sticks and watch American Celebrity Fat Club, Celebrities on Ice and Beauty and the Geek on TV – for now anyway Singapore can wait.