K.T.C. Guesthouse

I have spent the night absolutely freezing my arse off, partly due to the fan and I guess the temperature must drop out on the water. At 5.30 am I got completely dressed and although I was really tempted to watch the sunrise in the end the bed won and Simon went and got some photos which I admired later!

Breakfast was toast and fruit and evil tasting coffee and we arrived back in Alleppey around 9 o’clock. Unfortunately the Cherukara Nest was all booked and we are therefore spending our last night here at The KTC Guesthouse. This turns out to been clean and comfortable and even though I have to have a cold bucket shower I feel refreshed and revitalised by mid morning.

I spend an hour or so doing science with the kids we have been working our way through the body systems and complete the circulatory system today. We never did dissect a heart; although Simon found a chicken heart in last nights curry and we all had a good look at it I don’t think that counts. We make a start on the skeletal system which I don’t think will take too long and they both try hard which is good.

We will be travelling to Chennai (Madras) tomorrow and are due to catch the train at 4pm. I feel very sad about this as it will be our last stop in India, before we fly to Singapore next Thursday. We spent ages last night with the fella’s on the boat showing them our trip photos and some pictures from home. Looking back over the past 7 weeks it seems such a long time ago since we were in Delhi but also the time has flown by.

Simon goes out to get Ali’s guitar case re stitched; we have already had this done once but as it is stuffed with music it is very heavy and has ripped again. He has been printing tabs off the net and is learning some stuff by The Raconteurs, The Fratellis and Razorlight.

We get some lunch and then spend some time on the internet; we are researching information on accommodation and things to do in Singapore. As we won’t be there for long we want to use our time well. I have a few emails from friends to catch up with and it’s good to hear their news about how they spent Christmas and New Year which now seems absolutely ages ago.

We are going to try and get some tandoori food tonight. Simon and the kids are quite uncomplaining but I am getting fed up with our curry and rice diet and we have all been fantasising about having a roast dinner. Although we love curry and will eat most things, often the choices are quite limited and non-veg is not available in many restaurants here. In fact I have been reading in the guidebook about an American style diner in Chennai that sells great burgers and for me who hates cooking but loves junk food it sounds like my idea of heaven!

Its 10pm and we have just got back, we found a good restaurant and had chicken tikka, chips and salad. Until this point we have eaten very little salad as I have been worried that it may have been washed in tap water and have relied on cooked vegetables as a means of getting the green stuff in but tonight I think stuff it, we’ll take our chances. With less than a week to go in India and no serious episodes of the shits for any of us this may be a risky choice to take, I’ll let you know tomorrow.