New Years Day

Happy New Year!

We didn’t wake up until gone 10 and as we’re feeling quite ropey don’t actually manage breakfast at all. We eventually make it up the road to a local restaurant and order some food for lunch. We have a few cokes and some fantastic vegetarian food including lemon and coconut rice and mixed vegetable korma and are soon feeling more up for it.

When we come out of the restaurant I see some electronic scales and it�s a major cause for celebration when I weigh myself and find I haven’t even put on a pound since we’ve been travelling � Hurray!!

We call home and spend ages talking to everyone on Skype this is by far the cheapest way to call England and it’s good to catch up on the news. We were saying earlier that we would be complaining about having to go back to work tomorrow and it is such a good feeling to know we don’t have to worry about any of that. I haven’t missed work at all and it seems a million miles away from here.

We also check our emails; glad to hear the old New Years resolution to drink more, smoke more in 2007 is going strong in Alli, Adrian and Reefer’s household – love you long time! I hope our friend Jack Daniels made it to your mum and dads!

We are leaving Mangalore tonight at 11pm on the Malevi Express train to Kerela. I’m really excited about this as Kerela is meant to be the most beautiful state in India. We are going to hire a houseboat and spend a few days cruising the backwaters which sounds very relaxing and peaceful and we’re looking forward to finding out if it really is as idyllic as it sounds.