Travelling day

Its 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday 7.12.06 I was just saying to Simon that I couldn’t think of too much to write today as we haven’t done much but he seemed surprised at this and said he couldn’t remember a time before when I was stuck for words and can usually talk shite for hours – how rude!

We have now arrived back in Jodhpur, our next and last city to visit in Rajasthan is Udaipur and we will leave Iram there. But as Udaipur is 600km from Jaisalmer and too far to travel in one day we are breaking up the journey and spending a night here in the same guesthouse as before.

We decided this morning that although it was good in the palace hotel it is hard to justify spending a hundred quid on 3 night’s accommodation when this place is only costing us just over a fiver and in fact has all the same facilities just not as nice.

Ali has been playing his guitar a bit this afternoon, he hasn’t played that much since we have been away but at home sometimes doesn’t play much for a few weeks either.
He refuses to teach me anymore until I agree to pay him for it so I am teaching myself which is actually fine. As I only want to learn a few songs with a year to practice I reckon I will have nailed them by the time we get back.
My friend Alli and I subjected the pub to our own special version of Michael row the boat ashore on New Years Eve a few years ago and I’m sure if I had been able to play any of the chords at all it may have sounded better so that is my aim!

Been out for a few hours checking emails from home- our fence has blown down and mum tells me the weather has been terrible in Plymouth with lots of storms. I don’t miss that at all. I can’t stand the winter and hate the cold and for the last few years we have always had our main holiday away during the British winter so we could catch a few rays and reduce the seasonal affective disorder. It is warmer here than in Jaisalmer and should be warmer again in Udaipur as it’s another 300km further south.

Simon and the kids have been complaining they are a bit saddle sore today so I guess being a girl, with the fattest ass in the family does have some clear benefits!

We are ordering room service tonight, eating out every night is tiring and Ali and Maisie like staying in the room watching TV. I have to force myself not to feel guilty about this as its hard not to feel that we may be missing out on some experience or other.
We can’t be on the go constantly though and at home all have some down time where we just doss around, they all watch the telly I tend to listen to music.

Got to get up early tomorrow, leaving at 8am for Udaipur. The James Bond film Octopussy was mostly filmed there and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can get a Martini shaken not stirred of course.

This is my first bit of diary writing!

This is my first bit of diary writing! We started in Delhi and are now at Jodhpur for the second time. Delhi was cool, the traffic was crazy and the whole place had a really mad vibe to it!

We then went to Varanasi to see the river Ganges I really liked it and seeing the burning bodies on the ghat’s was weird, Maisie found it scary but I was more scared of the supposedly one hundred and three year old woman! She blessed us and apparently gave us good Karma or something like that.

We then went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It took 13 hours on the over night train and Dad woke us all up 3 hours to early but when we finally got to Taj the next day I knew it was worth it.

We then went to Pushkar, it was hot so we went to a really posh hotel and used the pool! We spent two days there and visited a very big fort!

Then we were off to Jodhpur with our driver Ihram who had picked us up at Agra, when we got there we all had a bowl of soup! The room was nice but we all had to share one and peace was completely impossible to find but I’m sure they all thought the same about me!

We then drove to Jaisalmer and it was raining. Everyone one was a bit depressed because of this, so we decided to stay in a Palace for three nights. I had been waiting since the start of Jodhpur to watch ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ but frustratingly for that one night the channel it was on was broken. I was unhappy but we watched ‘Spiderman 2′ and that was quite good!

After our three nights of luxury we hit the road for another five hour journey back to Jodhpur we are now in the same hotel and room as before for one night and will be driving to Udaipur for another 6 hours tomorrow!

So far I have liked the trip however I am really missing my friends and family at home.
But all in all I am looking forward to the next place!!!