Quiet Day

Today is bright and sunny, although not too warm at first. We get up slowly and I decide to wash some more of our stuff. It takes me ages and I will be glad when the travel wash has all gone and I can’t do it anymore.

We have our breakfast in a restaurant next door, the breakfasts are very good so far in India and I have noticed that the kids are eating loads. Usually they have cornflakes with banana and honey followed by toast and jam but today they go for an omelette each as well.

It’s nice to have a look around where we are staying as we weren’t able to see much of Jaisalmer yesterday due to the rain. It is divided into two areas inside and outside the fort. Although we are staying in this expensive place it is outside the fort walls and this is recommended as a more ethical choice.
The fort is India’s second most important monument next to The Taj Mahal but unfortunately is slowly being destroyed by the impact of tourism. It is carved out of golden sandstone and has 99 battlement things around it called bastions. Since 1995 three of these have fallen down and this fort is now on the worlds top 100 list of monuments to protect.

Around the fort entrance there are lots of small market stalls and women selling silver jewellery, carpets, saris, postcards and other touristy stuff. We’ve hardly bought anything as our rucksacks are already heavy but we can’t resist a leather cowboy hat today and Maisie and I decide we’ll share it.

We spend most of the morning doing schoolwork; they don’t seem to object to this too much and seem to have enjoyed most things we have done so far. I give them a paragraph of information about our trip so far and ask them to rewrite it in a much more descriptive way and they both do quite well. We then go over what they have learnt for science and I tell them they have done the brain and the liver. Tomorrow we can start on the heart or lungs and I will chase Simon into doing some maths with them.

We are going to try and eat a bit earlier tonight, we never eat until 7pm at home anyway but I have noticed we are having dinner quite late and subsequently going to bed late. Although I’m strict on bedtimes at home I don’t mind this but as I make us get up before 8.30 sometimes this is a bit of a struggle.
Alister loves to speak to his friends on MSN messenger but because of the 5 and half hour time difference he can’t do this until at least 9.30pm as they will still be in school. We are restricting his internet use to an hour every other day much to his disgust but as he is restricted at home also he knows better than to argue with us over it!

Just got back to the hotel, we had some great food tonight in a tented restaurant where some little kids entertained us playing the drums, singing and dancing.
I am now completely freezing and from the reports of the weather at home I reckon it’s at least as cold here as in Plymouth. Get in to bed with two extra blankets and some vile sweet drink that would never pass for coffee in a million years!

We have decided tomorrow is camel day, I can’t put it off any longer and am looking forward to it so much I can hardly contain myself.