Meherangarh Fort

For the 6 months prior to coming away I trained myself to sleep with only one pillow. I knew from holidaying in Asia previously, that the chances of being supplied with anymore than this were zero.
Even so I couldn’t train myself to get used to sleeping on mattresses that are about as soft as concrete other than by sleeping on the floor and I wasn’t about to start that. So subsequently every morning I have woken up feeling like I’ve been in a fight and this does take a bit of stretching to sort out.

We have our breakfast on the roof terrace, the view over The Old Blue City and up to Meherangarh is really fantastic and I’m looking forward to spending the morning there. We have arranged to meet Iram and after a bit of confusion we finally get there. Simon thinks he may have never been to Jodhpur before as he doesn’t always seem to know where to go which is slightly surprising for a Rajasthani guide!

The entrance cost to Meherangarh is about 10 quid, nearly every main tourist attraction in India is free for under 15′s but we have to pay for the kids here as the audio tour is recommended and we don’t want them to miss out. Ali has woken up evil though and really we waste our money as he refuses to listen to it properly and ambles around looking miserable. This attitude soon rubs off on Maisie and before long we have 2 sad looking kids trailing after us. It�s a shame because it’s really interesting here and I would have enjoyed it a lot if Simon and I had been on our own.

The fort is still run by the Maharaja of Jodhpur and inside there are gorgeous courtyards and palaces with lots of interesting exhibits in the museum such as elephant seats, armoury and royal baby cradles.

Still I am conscious that we need to try and do things at their pace. Ali is missing his friends and so far they have been really great so I’m fairly patient with them.
They have always been the best of friends and really enjoyed each others company until the last year when Ali has started to grow up and leave her behind a bit.

We then go up to Jaswant Thada which is a pretty, milky white marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh and they brighten up a bit. Maisie has a go on a strange Indian musical instrument and manages to make us all laugh with her efforts.

I suggest we go to The Garden Restaurant for lunch this is on the other side of town and where all the Jodhpur trendies go. Simon gets a beer and we all have mixed kebabs but they’re not piping hot and I convince myself I am going to get salmonella and don’t really enjoy mine which is a pity!
We go and check our emails I have two best friends Shirley and Lou and get an email from Shirley today, as she lives in Birmingham we don’t see each other a lot and I’m pleased she’s been following our progress and doesn’t seem to think I’m writing a load of crap!
It’s good to email but not the same as talking on the phone and as we can talk for England I promise you Shirl I will call soon!! Miss you lots XX

Tonight we are going back to Meharangarh, for dinner at their restaurant which has excellent reviews, so looking forward to that it’s now 3 hours since we ate the kebabs and so far no signs of food poisoning � fingers crossed!