Delhi – by Maisie

I don’t know where to start because there’s so much to say and do. The best thing has been the cycle rickshaws I liked these because you can go up hills without any work.
India is very hot, noisy, stinky, and humid and that’s why I love it.

Today we went to The National Museum, it was great there but I was looking forward
to the ghost mask it was a monster made out of paper and material, but it was moved somewhere else.
We saw Buddha, Vishnu and Ganesh who are Hindu gods. We saw very old coins and how they made them, there were small ones, really thick ones and square ones.

In the afternoon we went to Lodi Gardens, me and Ali went and took lots of photos.
There were lots of chinchillas and birds that I looked at through our binoculars.
I saw green parrots, blue throats and jackdaws.
Then we went and had soup for lunch and a I had chocolate mousse for pudding (yum, yum!).

Lodi gardens

We had a bad start to today; we had planned to go to The National Museum and got up early, I decided before we came away that we would get up every day at 8.30 at the latest and we were all showered and ready to go by 9 o’clock.

I don’t know whether it was because I didn’t have any breakfast or more to do with breathing in so many fumes or the way but by the time we got to the museum I was feeling ill and unfortunately was sick in the entrance. This quickly spread to Alister who was also sick and whilst I was scrabbling through my bag for wet wipes I realised I couldn’t find all my 3 credit cards.

Several hours, and a bit of panicking later and chips and coke for breakfast we were all feeling fine and ready to go and check out the Hindu gods, the museum was great and we got lots of photo’s to record our time there.
The kids seem to have learnt a lot and we are learning quickly that you have to be very flexible and open minded about the approach to their schooling and take the opportunity to teach them stuff as it arises.
Today we spent a long time talking about The Kohinoor Diamond, this was taken from the Red Fort by Nadir Shah in the 18th century and taken to Persia, at the museum the Nadir Shah’s axe was on display which was a good discussion point and we are going to look up more information on the web tomorrow about how it ended up as part of the British Crown Jewels.

After the museum we went to Lodi gardens, these are beautiful and so peaceful; we saw lots of different kinds of birds and the kids photographed each other in the temples.
We have definitely seen a very different side to Delhi and following some scrummy lunch at gorgeous Lodi Garden restaurant we sit there and look at the time. It is 1000 am in the UK, on a Tuesday morning I would be on a busy ward round, it doesn’t get much better than this, perfect weather, lovely surroundings and great food this is definitely the life!!

Its 10pm now we have come back to our hotel a bit earlier and are going to try and get an early night, we have a 16 hour train journey ahead of us tomorrow evening to Varanasi- can’t wait.