Sorting stuff out day

Today we have to go to New Delhi train station and book our tickets to Varanasi.
I am dreading this, we are staying very close to this station and when we went to check it out yesterday it was absolutely packed and someone squeezed my bum when I brushed past them which was a bit creepy.
Its all amazingly easy though, foreigners have to buy their tickets from a separate area and as advised we ignore several people who insist the International Tourist Bureau is closed and leave the station 20 minutes later with our tickets to Varanasi and onwards tickets to Agra.

Next to do is go and buy Ali a new chain, we have our travel talismans that were bought for us by our friends Marie, Carl and Ben and my workmates and I bought Alister a St Christopher, in true Ali style he has broken the chain 3 days later so we get that replaced for him for 200 rupees.

We are moving hotel today and repack our rucksacks, mine is so heavy it nearly pulls me over and I can’t imagine how I am going to walk anywhere with it on my back, will have to cross that bridge later I guess! Our new hotel is just across from where we are staying at the moment in the Main Bazaar (cheaper, only six quid a night) and no bar.

That’s fine, as the old place had a sign saying no guns/ ammunition allowed in their bar we never really went in it! Sorry mum if you are reading this but we have moved on now and it really was fine there!

We start the kids schooling today, they have both woken up very tired and have absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever when I tell them its time for a bit of learning.
We set a time limit of an hour’s formal schooling a day and start with some English. We have bought study support books with us and decide to write a story about the life of a dog in Delhi, they plan it together and then Maisie writes the story.
Ali writes the fight scene where he (Reefer) gets bitten and catches rabies from another dog and we spend a long time discussing Reefers feelings about his life of poverty in Paharganj. We then correct all their spellings and punctuation together and are all surprised to see that an hour and forty minutes have passed.
School is out for the rest of the day!

Six o’clock and we head back to the hotel, I have totally screwed up this afternoon and arranged for us to go to visit the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum in West Delhi, which as Simon points out to me afterwards is shut on a Monday and is in South Delhi.
I blame him as I feel he should know after 8 years together that firstly I am crap at organising stuff and secondly map reading has never been one of my strongest points!

I wash my hair tonight using Lush solid shampoo, good purchase, it does the trick and after drying and straightening my hair ( I’m so glad I packed the GHD’s) feel completely human , for someone who usually washes my hair every day I think I have done well to last four days.
Ali proudly announces he hasn’t changed his pants since we arrived in India, that’s my boy! He makes me laugh so much and I suggest to him that although the shower is cold it’s probably a good idea.
Lastly we are sitting in a rooftop restaurant, Dad asked me to think of him and Pauline if i am anywhere that i think he would like – Well in the warm air with Bob Dylan in the background – Dad i reckon you would really like it here !