The Red Fort

Before our arrival in Delhi I felt quite anxious about what I would find, I tell Simon when we wake up that I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t like it here and he laughs at me and says apart from the amazing noise level, filth, dust, pollution, crowds and poverty he thinks my parents would love it.
I know what he’s saying but for me it feels absolutely alive and I think it’s wicked

After breakfast which was lovely – salty porridge for me, Indian breakfast for Simon and eggs, toast and jam for Ali and Maisie we decide to head off to see the Red Fort and Jama Masjid – the largest mosque in India.

Our chosen mode of transport is a sort of bike/carriage that is cycled by a fella, I feel guilty when we have to go up a big hill and offer to get out and walk but he won’t hear of it although his mate makes him swap over half way (he has Simon and Ali in his)

I have read about foreign women attracting lots of attention from men here and although I am well covered up, Maisie and I receive lots of stares and calling out, but it isn’t threatening (quite good natured and friendly) and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. When some teenage boys touch my hand and I snatch it away they all laugh at me and I feel stupid not offended or annoyed.
I do realise though not to stare at men or make eye contact, as they seem to regard it as blatant come on.

The Red Fort makes for a great few hours sightseeing, the kids learn about the British Empire rule in India and both agree, that although the museum explains India & Mughal history and eventual independence and they are very glad the Indian people are no longer “chained by the British Invaders” its still great to be a foreigner here as you get to jump massive queues at least 2 miles long.

Eight o’clock and we are heading out for some food we seem to be doing ok I don’t feel like anyone has skinned us on our first few days and so far the money seems to be going ok. Simon is asked if he wants to buy Hashish twice within 200 yards of the hotel, which I guess, means he is beginning to look like a traveler. I’m pleased to say no one offers me any which is good news – still feeling fairly glam although 3 days since I washed my hair – going to try and buy some flowers to put in it tomorrow, that’ll do the trick.