On the plane and heading off around the world for a year! Who’d a thought it?

Really not sure how I feel, at the moment, having just given up the job which I was beginning to become established in (Some at PCMC are sure to disagree, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion..!!).
Still sitting here at the moment it feels like the best decision I’ve made. The family and I are about to embark on something special.
People we speak to are mostly amazed at what we plan to do; some are mildly jealous and fall into the “wish I could do something like that!” category. Others are “You’re so brave; I could never do something like that.”
It really gives me a buzz when we speak to people who can really see it the way we do.

For example the other day I met a young woman, trying to flog broadband in the new shopping mall in Plymouth (Hi Nora if you’re reading), who was just so enthusiastic about what a life experience it would be for the kids, it really put everything into perspective and the couple in the check-in queue who were “like WOW!!”
All these little buzzes add up to re-enforce the benefits that we see coming from the trip.

Sure there are worries, like waking up on the morning of your scheduled departure to find water coming through the bathroom ceiling. You begin to think ‘has somebody got it in for me?’ ‘This has got to be a wind-up? Leaving the house with the all the bathroom floor pulled up, confirmed it wasn’t!!!

Have been reading a bit more of the India Lonely Planet guide, past experience tells us these are an invaluable starting point when entering a new country. Past experience also tells us that no matter how well prepared are, you will always get fleeced a few times on your first day. The only difference being that you realise a little sooner.

Battery is about to die on the laptop, so this will do for now Delhi here we come ..

Leaving Day

Awoke at 6.30am, it seems unreal that today has actually arrived at last.
I lie in bed for about 10 minutes and then decide I am feeling sick, go into the bathroom there’s no loo roll and I’m sick everywhere.
Simon goes downstairs to make a drink and informs me there is water dripping through the kitchen ceiling- our long awaited trip has arrived – what a fantastic start to the day!

Several hours later, the bathroom floor has been ripped up, the shower and bath dismantled; and I have made several calls to the insurance company’s emergency helpline, the moderate amount of water dripping through the ceiling would be better described now as pissing through, my nausea hasn’t improved and I’m sick again and Maisie tells me she has a rash.

Things can only get better I think!!

Four o’clock and we have arrived at Heathrow starving hungry, Maisie asks for a pasty for tea and has to settle for a bagel which seems to hit the spot for us all and things are definitely looking up.
I ask the kids to keep an eye out for David and Victoria Beckham and they look at me pityingly as if I am some sad creature from space, a shame really, as last year when we traveled to Thailand and I asked them the same question they both got quite excited at the prospect.

I am reminded again of how quickly they are growing up and it strengthens my resolve to get on that plane and go and show our children the world.

Maisie and I go shopping- we buy The Raconteurs CD in Virgin and get told off for fiddling with the make up in Dior, several large sprays of Jo Malone later and we are ready to board.
As we’re waiting to take off I read lots of texts and listen to some messages from my friends. What a great bunch of mates I’ll miss them a lot – I guess they will be having a few Corona’s for us tonight.

Yeah you lot, you know who you are!!

Its 11 o’clock now been struggling with this for the last hour so am going to try and get some sleep so goodnight children hopefully when we wake up we will be in India, and that – will be another story.