100 Islands resort and Spa

Today we had planned to catch a bus to Khao Sok National Park but when we rang ahead to book accommodation the place was full for this evening. Simon then suggested we perhaps move to a better hotel for the day and night. What a stellar idea, the hotel we choose is only 190 baht more expensive than last nights place and turns out to be really gorgeous. The rooms are large and beautiful and there is a lovely lagoon style swimming pool, with overhanging trees and the kids spend nearly all day in it.

We also pay for wifi and take the opportunity to send a few emails and update the website. Not really a hardship as we are sat in our swimwear by the pool, sipping our drinks in the hot sunny weather. There aren’t any westerners here which is good, as the huge number of tourists and travellers in this region was a bit overwhelming for us. We have a big American style breakfast when we arrive and my plans to diet again go out the window!

I check out the spa prices, for 20 quid you can have every inch of your body massaged, oiled, scraped, wrapped, manicured and pedicured and I am tempted. In the end though I’m too lazy to move from the poolside and don’t do anything more than bake myself all day.

In the evening we go across the road to Tesco’s. On the surface it is fairly similar to the supermarkets at home. The fruit and veg would either be discarded in England as too unshapely or alternatively sold as organic for 3 times more. The meat counter has some surprises, the meat is sort of sold loose and there is a huge selection of chicken pieces, scary looking fish with large teeth and our favourite, pigs trotters amongst other things.

We lose Ali as we always do in the supermarkets at home but rather than finding him by the toys we spy him engrossed in examining the selection of guns and flick knives on sale. We have dinner in the food court, a type of Asian instore eatery, this is a bit of a gamble as we have to point at things that look ok and see what we get with it! In this way we manage to get by and have some satay, fried pork, spicy noodle salad and steamed rice. Maisie and I have a pink donut for pudding.

We get back our hotel room and all crash out on the bed. Ali is really tired and makes me laugh when he says “The thing I like about this place is you don’t have to worry about checking for cockroaches behind your pillow before you go to sleep”
On that note they are obviously having it far too easy these days, better get back to basics when we head off for the jungle tomorrow!

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